Introducing JavaScript Support for the Drive API

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 | 8:04 AM


Did you know you can write a complete Google Drive App with JavaScript that runs completely in the web browser? You can! Your browser-based application, including Chrome extensions, can take advantage of our client library, or just use CORS requests to the API.

Your app can support all the functionality of the Drive API, including uploading files, downloading files, tracking changes, listing files and managing revisions. Also you can take advantage of our user interface components that make opening and sharing files easy.

We are really keen to offer first-class support to browser-based applications, so we have added JavaScript snippets to all our API reference documentation. Please let us know how we are doing by posting to Stack Overflow.

Want to try it out? Check out our Javascript Quickstart Guide, which helps you get your application up and running in five minutes or so.

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Tech Lead, Google Drive Developer Relations. As an eternal open source advocate, he contributes to a number of open source applications, and is the author of the PIDA Python IDE. Once an intensive care physician, he has a special interest in all aspects of technology for healthcare


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