Big Updates for Apps Script

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 | 6:00 PM


Today at Google I/O, we announced many enhancements to Google Apps Script to help you build richer applications and share your apps with users. Apps Script began  as a tool for helping users get more done with their Google spreadsheets. Over time, Apps Script has grown to handle much more. It's a platform to extend Google spreadsheets and Sites, and a convenient way to create web applications.

We launched  as a destination for Apps Script developers. You can now create scripts from  or from Google Drive. Plus, your projects are now stored in Google Drive, and you can share them just like a Google document or spreadsheet.

HtmlService  can help you create beautiful interfaces using Apps Script. HtmlService allows you to create web apps using HTML, client-side JavaScript, and CSS. You can also use jQuery to build web apps. HtmlService uses Google Caja  to ensure that the HTML content served by your web apps is safer for you and your users.

We also launched a better way to store your application's data, ScriptDb . Every script now has an embedded JSON database. You no longer have to rely on a spreadsheet to store the data. Using ScriptDb, you can store a larger volume of data and search easily. We designed ScriptDb to be easy to use. It doesn't need connection strings or special passwords, and you can directly store and search your JavaScript objects without the need to convert them to a different format. You can learn more about ScriptDb on the Google Apps Script Developers page.

There are also now more options for deploying your web app. Your apps can now, with authorization, run as the user behind the keyboard, not just the script owner. This brings a new level of versatility to web apps built with Apps Script.

Finally, we wanted to make it easy to distribute your apps. You can now publish your apps in the Chrome Web Store . Register and package your app directly from the Publish menu in Google Apps Script. Then customize your listing from the Chrome Web Store and publish your app to the world.

We added a lot of new functionality to Apps Script, so in addition to our developer reference documentation , we've also created a new user guide . If you need further help you can reach out to us on Stack Overflow . You can also make feature requests and report issues on the Apps Script page on Google Code.

Building with Google Apps Script has become a lot easier and more powerful. We can't wait to see what you build. Happy scripting!

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Saurabh Gupta is Product Manager of Google Apps Script. In his spare time, he loves to play racketball and read.


Prince Kwarteng said...

Ok now that you can build apps with html and
javascript. Will apps built strictly on these
technologies still be eligible for the Google Apps
Challenge ?

Andrzej said...

Great improvements! Unfortunately still GAS gadgets are not working with custom web address mapping in Google Sites so where is the reason for use it? I'm dissapointed.

blonks said...

Hi Prince,
Yes you can build apps for the Google Apps Developer Chalenge using Apps Script. Infact Appscript offers you the opportunity to use seamlessly use a lot of other Google APIs in your app which could score you some brownie points :-)
if you have any other questions about the developer challenge you can ask them on Google+

or on the mailing list:

Dave said...

Very sad on custom web address mapping, I was hoping you would announce something today? can you please let us know if it is not coming, or if it is a google strategy to not enable it?

Robert Ardill said...

No Google Could Print API. Come On Google, GAS is screaming for this feature.

Steve Webster said...

Google Apps Script has matured greatly this past year. Congrats to the GAS Team! I'm looking forward to build not only functional apps but eye-popping ones.

John said...

You guys were one of the suprise highlights of IO for me this year -- I attended all 3 sessions and was really impressed with everything you rolled out

Nice job guys!

Alex Phelps said...

Glad to see that Apps Script is growing. This update broke several scripts of mine though. :'(