Apps Script Dashboard and Quotas

Monday, May 7, 2012 | 6:52 AM


Apps Script developers have consistently expressed the need to monitor the health of various Apps Script services. Additionally, at every forum, event, hackathon or hangout, we have heard you express a need to know and understand the quota limits in Apps Script.

Apps Script Dashboard is born!

We heard your message loud and clear, so we started working on a dashboard for Apps Script. Today, we are launching the Google Apps Script Dashboard. This experimental dashboard can be used to monitor the health of 10 major services. It also provides a detailed view into the quota restrictions in Apps Script.

Features of the Apps Script Dashboard

  1. The dashboard offers a view into past and present states of 10 major Apps Script services. The past view goes back one week.
  2. Each Apps Script service has three states on the dashboard: Normal Service, Known Issues and Investigating.
  3. The Known Issues state signals that we know about the issues in that service and are working to fix them.
  4. Quotas are displayed for three different types of user accounts: Consumer accounts (for example accounts), Google Apps (free) accounts, and Google Apps for Business, EDU and Government accounts.

Interesting Facts About Quotas

Did you know that consumer accounts (for example accounts) have quota of 1 hour of CPU time per day for executing triggers? Imagine the extent of automation that can happen for each user with triggers. And how about 20,000 calls to any external APIs. Now that packs in a lot of 3rd party integration with the likes of, Flickr, Twitter and other APIs. So, if you are thinking of building extensions in Google Apps for your product, then don’t forget to leverage the UrlFetch Service which has OAuth built-in. Event managers can create 5,000 calendar events per day and SQL aficionados get 10,000 JDBC calls a day.

Check out the Dashboard for more.

Saurabh Gupta profile | twitter | blog

Saurabh is a Developer Programs Engineer at Google. He works closely with Google Apps Script developers to help them extend Google Apps. Over the last 10 years, he has worked in the financial services industry in different roles. His current mission is to bring automation and collaboration to Google Apps users.


Yohannes said...

This is a great addition. I had a problem with this a while ago, and I raised an issue but it was not clear even for the people responding to my emails, long-overdue. One other thing, please fix the custom web address issue. Thanks

John Gale said...

Looks like a great addition. Thanks Saurabh and GAS team.