Introducing Staff Picks on the Google Apps Marketplace

Monday, May 9, 2011 | 3:21 PM

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On the first anniversary of the Google Apps Marketplace two months ago, I published a post Celebrating 1 year of Integrated Goodness. In that post, I discussed some of the deep integrations with Google Apps that impressed me the most because they can save me valuable time.

Today we’re kicking off a new effort to highlight personal picks from the Marketplace team which we feel have a combination of great functionality, and ease of use due to their deep integrations with Google Apps.

We’ll highlight these apps a few times each month via Twitter using the hashtag #mpstaffpick. We’ll also be promoting staff picks on the Marketplace and sharing them internally amongst our sales teams. We hope this will help make it even easier for customers to find great apps on the Marketplace.

Our first staff pick

Our first staff pick is Mavenlink, a highly-rated app in the Marketplace. It is a custom-branded project management solution that allows teams to collaborate online, share files, track time, invoice, and make or receive payments, all inside one end-to-end App. Google Apps users can also easily share documents, access contacts, and track projects on their calendars.

If you happen to be at Google I/O next week, you can meet the Mavenlink team in our Developer Sandbox and ask them more about their app and integrations.

What can you do to become a staff pick?

Staff picks are subjectively chosen by members of the Google Apps Marketplace team. However, we’d like to provide a hint of some of the things we may look at:

How can you get your app on our radar?

We regularly review the apps in the Marketplace and keep an eye on blogs, twitter and other sources to hear about great apps. If you think your app should be a staff pick and want to be sure your app is on our radar, you can fill out this form. We’ll review all submissions, but may not respond directly. We may also choose apps which are not submitted via this form.

To stay up to date and hear about our next pick, follow us on twitter at GoogleAtWork and keep an eye out for the hashtag #mpstaffpick.

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