Introducing the Apps Ecosystem Marketing Test Kitchen

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 | 9:00 AM

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The Google Apps Marketplace team is always looking for ways to help its vendors add new users and improve installation metrics. In order to help achieve these goals, we have launched the Apps Ecosystem Marketing Kitchen. Through experimentation, we want to collectively identify, test, and share best marketing practices for business web app.

The first initiative we cooked up is designed to help you, as a vendor, minimize the abandonment rate of Marketplace prospects as they bounce around your Marketplace property and various product pages without clear a “call to action”.

The Challenge:
The vendors who drive the most traffic and installs to their Marketplace listing page through their “Add to Apps” button between Nov 9th - 16th will be included in the front page Featured and Notable sections on the Apps Marketplace site.

Why participate in the challenge and use an “Add to Apps” button?
The “Add to Apps” button will improve your listing’s performance.
  1. Increase Conversions: Reduces the risk of users getting lost while navigating between the Marketplace and your website, which will result in a better experience for users and more installs for you.
  2. More Accurate tracking: Properly encoding the button URL using Google Analytics will enhance data-driven tracking so that we can better work together to understand and improve the user acquisition funnel.
  3. Bonus - Get a front page feature: The six (6) top traffic/install drivers during the challenge time-frame will be featured on the homepage. We will list:
    • The top two (2) traffic/installs drivers by pure volume.
    • The top four (4) in traffic/install growth from previous weeks.
If you already use an “Add to Apps” button, then you are one step ahead. If not, add one to get in on the challenge. We will start tracking on November 9th, so you’ll want to get started properly coding and testing your button.

How do I participate and succeed in this test kitchen challenge?
  1. Add the “Add to Apps” button properly.
  2. Make sure the page is the “Vendor product home page” link in your listing on the Marketplace
  3. Use marketing techniques to drive traffic through your landing page and potentially get featured on our front page.
  4. Use analytics to check visits made through the “button” medium, and see your traffic flowing to your app.

This test kitchen should be an exciting way to cook up some tasty campaigns. If you have any good ideas or suggestions, pass them along to Check for new challenges on this blog. In order to stay on top of any news on initiatives, also follow our Buzz, Twitter, and subscribe to our email list.

Posted by Harrison Shih, Associate Product Marketing Manager, Google Apps Marketplace

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Taylor said...

Great idea Harrison. It would really be amazing if we cold get feedback and track the eventual conversions from the original Source. Is this functionality expected in the future?

Scott McMullan said...

Hi Taylor, totally agree -- we need to enable that. Noted and on our roadmap.