Google Apps Marketplace Billing API and Payment Policy Update

Thursday, September 16, 2010 | 12:13 PM


Since launching the Apps Marketplace back in March, we’ve been heads down working on our Marketplace billing API, which is based on Google Checkout. The goal of the API is to make it easy for Marketplace vendors to sell their installable applications to Google Apps customers, using either a subscription model or one-time payment, and accommodating both free trial and freemium pricing plans. We are excited to get it in to developers’ hands.

Our current plan is to release it in Q4 for US sellers, and then expand to other seller countries in the following months. Please see our FAQ for more information on supported countries, and watch this blog or sign up to our email announcement list to be notified of changes.

Marketplace Payment Policy Updated

As a reminder, our Marketplace payment policy launched with a revenue sharing exemption period, which lasts until 3 months after the release of these billing APIs. Upon expiration, all installable apps sold through the Marketplace are required to integrate with these billing APIs and bill new customers acquired through the Marketplace exclusively through these APIs.

However since our seller country list is may be smaller than the list of countries where our vendors are located, we have updated our payment policy to extend the revenue sharing exemption period until 3 months after it is released in a country where you are located.

Put more concretely, if you are a Google Apps Marketplace vendor located in Australia or India or any other country not currently on our seller list, your revenue sharing exemption period remains in effect until 3 months after the billing API supports your country.

We encourage you to read the payment policy in full to make sure you understand it, and consult our FAQ for more information. Note that the availability of the revenue exemption, including the determination of where a developer is located for purposes of the exemption, is entirely at our discretion.

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sowdri said...

Hi, we are a vendor located in India, and we are planning to list our app in the Marketplace soon, When will billing support vendors in India?

Ryan Boyd said...

Great to hear you're launching your app on the Marketplace! Can you give us a pointer to your company-- would love to see it.

We don't currently have an ETA on making the billing APIs available to India. Do you currently bill through another mechanism, or would this be your first billing implementation?